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Take a listen to some of my favorite songs if you have spotify

I have been studying astrology, tarot cards and dreams since I was 11 years old. I am currently 36. I have an ebook on Amazon called "How to Compose A Birth Chart" for anyone who wants to learn how. I am also a licensed PA barber and cosmetologist who is working on getting a bus to come see you


Please bear with me as I'm still learning how to best interpret everything for you. If you ever have any questions about my beliefs or work, please don't hesitate to write me using the form at the bottom of the Home page.

My birth chart

with a basic description :




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Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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I absolutely love this video, I believe this is how life should be lived......

Here's the movie list....

My two fav videos from Nicole Scherzinger, whom I admire more than Angelina Jolie. I wish I could dance like that:

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