I Know

My Wheel

I started with Fire

Just like the Natural Order

As a Sag., a mummy

And I have Neptune

Part of the reason I Know

Someone made me with fire

I was born within minutes of the Moon changing signs

I have both

A werewolf and a dragon

Opposing my mind

I was born right before Uranus changed to Sag. and right after Neptune changed to Sag.

I am an old soul

My life lesson and life goal

Is to find luck and the meaning of life

I am a VIrgo in public

A Unicorn

Analyzing the World (Saturn)

Analyzing motivation (Mars)

Analyzing Luck (Jupiter)

I am called a good luck charm by many

I don't believe we have to die

I think we can walk into Heaven

Just like the Celestine Phrophecy insights claim

I believe I have been there

I believe that I am here to save

And be saved

I believe "dreams" are real

And we can change them

We are energy

We can do what we want

As long as we LOVE

And do no harm

I know that my Twin Flame's Sun is Taurus because I have his Moon. Which is why I'm pretty sure that his Moon is Aquarius, my Sun. I know that I love Taurus' because they love me, are smart and caring. They make me feel grounded.

I believe that his Mars is Gemini because I think like one, I analyze Mars, who rules Aries and I am love. Plus, I've never gotten along with a Gemini Sun.

I also know that his Jupiter is Aries because I am a good luck charm who is analyzing Jupiter, ruler of Sag...my only fire.

I believe he's lucky and needs a good luck charm ;)

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