Girl friend

A girl friend visited me today. We went out and did some errands. She is going to come help dig my ditch and help me fix this house and keep it clean. Yea, that's right, a FEMALE because there aren't many real men out there. Obviously, I have definitely looked every where I can possibly imagine and I'm still alone. What the fuck has happened to the World?? When did the boys decide to stay boys and why??

midnight....we talked about life, the end of the World, spirituality and that we both believe there is so much more going on than we know. We know someone else who can go astral at will. She also suggested I go to Evangelical. I looked on their website for a family doctor. One of the doctors face in the pictures looked just like the doctor I was with in a dream one time. He is in Selinsgrove, I love that town and he has an odd name, I like odd names. He went to the University of Pittsburgh, love that city and interned at Margaret Memorial Hospital, love that name. Good, good vibes....I'm calling Monday and hoping I can see him right away.

Blaine was here for food. He's ready to help dig my ditch and give me a bathroom. I really do love gay men. They are so caring and helpful

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