11 pm

YOU think about me. YOU want me.

But YOU won't talk to me.

YOU ignored me while YOU sat next door, thinking about me and hoping that I would show my face and YOU made me think about YOU.

YOU made me want to die

YOU wouldn't talk to me tho.

None of you did. I was here all alone for ten days and none of you thought to make sure that I was was all about YOU.

And just when I was willing to let YOU go, YOU finally talked to me and let me know that YOU do feel me. YOU do know what I'm thinking too.

YOU knew what YOU wanted to say

And it was all just a pathetic excuse

Because YOU're afraid of change and of ME

We know YOU will be back. And I'm not going to let YOU in. I don't know what makes YOU think I will accept YOU after what YOU've done.

How could YOU be so selfish?? Do YOU not know that YOUR actions greatly effect others??

Yea, YOU made me fight. YOU made me want to live for a little while.

But I'm stuck here, with all these reminders of what could have been. Even YOUR dog comes around and reminds me. And the 'friends' who are too busy to come check on me because I'm emotional, forgetting the fact that I'm really sick.

I'm hating YOU. Sure, it won't last. I can't hate anyone. I am love.

But I will never be able to trust YOU now. I am not an option and I am definitely not a second choice. YOU ripped my entire World apart and left me here to pick up the pieces all alone

"Can't Speak" Danzig


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