How do I do it??

8:30am It's easy....every single thing means something. You just have to pay attention and follow the signs.

Example: I text Blaine to see if he was coming with me to deliver newspapers. He didn't answer by 2 and I left, even though it's Sunday and the guy is usually late with my papers, I have to stick to my routine and go without help. I stopped for gas and my engine light came on. I ignored it and went to get my papers. Well they weren't there. I sat and waited. Blaine text me and asked why I left. I started my car and left. I text him at the red light and said I was on my way back. I get home, my interior lights are flickering again

I ignore it.


I clean my passenger side out and check under the hood. Can't see anything wrong, nothing's hot or smoking, seems fine. I'm thinking that I've hit my bumper so many times, it must be a loose wire. My moms phone rang. 3 am and the guy calls her to let me know that my papers are there and ready. What do I do?? Get Blaine in the car and leave. And guess what?? We get to the bottom of Bald Top and my car dies. AND it's still sitting there.

What were my signs?? (1)The engine light and the lights flickering before I got my papers. (2) I went home. (3) The guy called (he never has before when I'm not there) and (4) he woke my mom up. All signs to take her car.....which I did, an hour later and my papers were an hour late.

Lesson learned??

Not for me.....but hey, "do as I say not as I do"

And let's not forget, mom said she didn't know if she had enough gas....yea, we barely made it back to the gas station in time. AND I never should have tried to leave without Blaine. One of my roads had a huge tree across it and it was not moving. He held it out of the way while I drove around it.

I also believe that all of it happened so that I would not come upon that tree in the dark and wreck while alone.

So is that simple. Pay attention and Believe. And remember to think positive. Everything happens for a reason, even the negative things that life throws at you.


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