Paying attention

6 am Going down one of the last roads I deliver papers on, Hill Rd., when I see a fox along side the road playing in the ditch. I asked Blaine, who was up and rode along, if he saw it. No, he says he doesn't care, he doesn't want to see them. I laughed and said "you watch, when we go back to that mailbox, he will be sitting in the road and you will have to look at him"

I was absolutely right. We turned around and came back up that hill to the mail box and there was that fox, sitting in the middle of the road staring at us. I said "See Blaine, he says 'look at me and how beautiful I am'" and after about ten seconds, the fox sauntered off into the field.

I love that who else wants to go?? Anyone want to see a fox or an owl or who knows's up to you and what you want to see out there. I will help you find it.

Now I'm off to get a toilet that my mom is paying for. How about you keep an open mind today and take a good look around you.

"We are aware only of what we pay attention to"

<3 "Come With Me" P. Diddy and Jimmy Page <3


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