5pm Some of you want to know how I can go without. Currently, it's been five months but I did go a year and eleven months one time. That almost two years was the toughest. I'm not going to lie, it was really hard at times. But that's what toys are for. Don't be afraid of them, you can buy them privately online and they are delivered in plain boxes. Yes, I broke down, I went to the bar and I brought a guy home. About three months in. And lucky me, the guy was too drunk to perform. I was so glad the next morning. HAHA Anyway, I broke my two year celibacy with a complete stranger. What a disaster. I was forced to spend six months with that guy and he made me cry almost every day. In the middle of that, I thought it would help if I slept with a friend. Someone I've known a very long time and am still really good friends with. Well even tho we are friends and care about each other, I still cried......for three weeks. So this past five months has been easy. I'm not looking for sex, I want LOVE and sex does not make me happy so I just don't do it. Having friends who supported me and talked to me about it really helped also. So once again, I'm here if you need to talk. You can email me on my homepage and you can make up a name and email if you must.

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