Other than the fact that my eye is more swollen and red, is definitely infected and was a good day. In a weird way, it's good because it got me out and made my day even better. While waiting for my prescription at Weis (antibiotics), I saw a lady that I worked with at the cable company during work study in my senior year of high school. I don't think I have seen her since!! 17 years. I barely recognized her but she knew me right away. It was nice to see her and she is so sweet. Then, as I was leaving, I ran into a friend who was always like a big brother in high school and I still consider him a good friend, even tho most of our communication is on Facebook. He gave me a big, warm hug and offered to punch my eye and pop the damn thing. lol He's so great....Thanks friend!!

And then, when I got home, Blaine was ready to fix my floor and put my toilet in. So we did that but too bad we bought the wrong shark bite for the water line and it's night time. Oh well, that will be quick and easy, I've done enough plumbing, I have no worries about that.

I also had a bunch of friends text me and talk with me today. It was great to know they are thinking of me so much. One of them even offered me a job when she has an available position. Thank goodness. I don't think anyone wants to hire me because I'm looking like a crack addict these days. It sucks that people are so judgemental. Just because a girls skinny and white as a ghost.....geez.

So despite all my issues, none of it's suppose to kill me, at least not yet and my car engine seizing up on me was not my fault so I don't have to pay for it. I'm finally getting some peace of mind and feeling better. Thank you for reading. Have a great day or sweet dreams.....whatever you are about to do, good luck and be safe.

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