I have two best friends. One I call my Earth twin. We have the same first name, are both Aquarius and we are very much alike. Only, I keep everything to myself because I care way too much about others and she has no filter. She does not care what comes out of her mouth and it's always the Truth, just like me. Blaine is her younger blood brother. I have always loved him like he's my brother too, he is 23 and very good looking. Just not my usual type, I've never been one for blonde, blue eyed guys. But this boy loves me and is here for me. He helps me with whatever I ask help for and if he can't, he helps me find the help I need. He is also trying to help my other best friends boyfriend because he knows that I love them and want them to have a house. So why can't I want this boy?? He has been here for me the last three months and stood by my side through this without even knowing what I was thinking and feeling. This boy is great for me, even if he doesn't have everything I want. And it's too bad that other guy was fucking with me so much that I haven't gotten to spend enough time with him and see just what he has to offer me. I've tried but not enough. It's time I look at him closer because who knows, maybe I can fall in love with this boy. Because I believe that we can choose who to fall in love with. And after all, his last name is cool is that???

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