So I haven't talked about that guy because I'm trying to erase him from my life right. Yesterday morning, I felt like he was coming back. That's why my post last night was so bad. I woke up crying and cried all night. And guess what?? He is back. And I finally talked to Blaine about him. He thinks the guy is selfish. I agree. He came to his best friend trying to collect money that he did not earn. He did not come to help his so called best friend to build his house. No, he's been dumpimg his drama on his friend for three years and causing hell on this mountain for everyone. Then he went to Texas instead of moving in with him to help him and then has the balls to come and want money. And thinking about it this way.....I guess that's why he has stayed with the wife who is not very smart. So he can manipulate her and do whatever the fuck he wants, right?? And look at what he did to me. He doesn't see me, he doesn't know me and he doesn't care about me. He only thinks about fucking me.

So as much as it hurts and as much as I want to family picked this land. We have lived here for generations. I refuse to let this boy run me off just because he's scared of a woman who is not afraid to tell him the truth and put him in his place. I'm going to stay here on my mountain and I'm going to fight with everything I have. I don't care what my heart feels, no one treats my friends and family like this and I am definitely not a second fucking choice. I'm going to make this boy wish he had never ignored me.

FYI: Blaine had no idea what he was doing when he came over here bitching about his situation. He knew nothing about this. He had a stroke last week and is still YOU better leave him alone and keep him out of YOUR drama!!!!!

"Hard" Rihanna


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