The Struggle


I don't understand. I use to have everything but a man. I had a great career making great money. I have an amazing, smart, beautiful daughter. A home, a car and lots of family and friends. So even tho I was depressed, I was living a good life and I was surviving. Now, I'm still all alone, extremely poor, struggling to get hired, sick as shit and I wake up crying every day, all day and crying myself to sleep. How did my life get so upside down?? Where did I go wrong and how do I get back on my feet?? I'm trying so hard and I just keep getting knocked down. I wish this Hell would end today. I can't take much more of this. I can't continue faking happiness.

"Can't Speak" Danzig


Love my friends. I've been given something to do. Halloween, my New Year and favorite "holiday" is exactly six weeks away and on my favorite day, Saturday. I'm planning a party in my front yard, here on top my mountain. It's going to be EPIC

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