I'm sorry for whoever is rooting for Blaine. After spending 12 hours with him, I want to strangle him, not fuck him. It's never going to change. He's a Capricorn. I just can't get along with them. I still love him but I will never be in love with him. He's too quiet and does not approve of the things I want to do. And I'm sorry but I know what I want (with my house and career anyway) and I definitely know what I don't want. I've met a lot of men and I know that I want a man with a Taurus Sun and Aquarius Moon. Think about that for me and help me find him. And let's help Blaine find a woman. He's never been with a woman and he would make a great boyfriend for someone. He is a great gardener, carpenter....just about anything with his hands. For 23, he's more of a man than most males I know. He's super smart and knows a lot but he's quiet and mumbles when he talks. Don't ask him to cook or expect him to help with groceries....he's definitely a male (but he will help if you absolutely need it). I'm pretty sure he would do well with a Virgo Sun and Capricorn Moon but he took his birth chart and I don't remember it at the moment.

"I Am" Awolnation

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