I smoked too many cigarettes Saturday night when I should have quit weeks ago. My nap turned into an eight hour sleep. I'm still tired. And didn't do shit. My daughter talked my mom into paying our Netflix and now I'm glued to the tv again. First time in months. It's good tho. Time to relax, breathe and let my mind be at ease. It's been a relief not thinking about anything but this show. Once Upon A Time. Of course I love it. And I relate to Emma, the savior. I dressed as her for Halloween this last year. I'm never doing blonde think I'm pale now, find the pic of me in a blonde wig. Awful. Blaine has been here all afternoon. He's not liking my show. Haha. I am a little upset, my phone decided to update again and it's stuck. Google says to let it die and it might come back. I hope so, I don't have all my pictures saved. And of course, it doesn't want to die. Never does when I want it to. Something was up with our internet most of the day. Didn't want to work. Maybe too many people bored and playing online. I'm getting ready to go do my papers and I'm hoping I get my car back tomorrow.

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