9:15 am

I've been happy for about two hours now. HMMM

Listening to my playlist real loud. Been a long time since I've done that. And most of my neighbors love it and ask me what I'm playing sometimes. I introduced them to SoundHound, I think my music is loud enough for them to use it. Have you listened to my Spotify list?? The one called Starlite of course. It's why I love music and don't feel the need to talk about my emotions. Every single word and tone tells a story. Yes, all 92 songs are in order....except maybe the last 20, I'm working on making sure I like how they flow. And yes, I will add more and change it often, I like change. Unfortunately I can't add Taylor Swift or Prince, tho I'd like to add a lot of hers and a few of his. Number 14 is November Rain. My daughters birthday is Nov. 14 and I love rain. Number 17 is If I Ruled the World. January 17 is a very important day in my family and I plan to rule My World. I also have another playlist called Smile. It's just a bunch of other stuff I like. Starlite is my heart and I love every one of those songs passionately because my Venus is Pisces.

Venus is the woman's heart. And did you know that Pisces in the Tarot cards is the High Priestess?? Aquarius, my Sun, is The Star card. I would also like to brag a little more and tell you that the few female best friends that I have, they have a Venus in Pisces too.

P.S. Blaine found someone who is bringing me a free copy of Windows. So all the hours I spent trying to find it online, just kept me busy and didn't work because I don't have to try.

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