What happens when I leave the mountain

I'm happy because I've shared my dreams. I share them because they tell me the future.....I can make them happen or I can change them. And every now and then......I dream about people in my life. I do my best to let them know so that they can change their future.

Facebook reminded me that today is the birthday of a man I went to Beauty school with. He really enjoyed doing his girlfriends highlights, color and cut. He was really good at it and was very nice. I wished I could find a man like that. He just happens to be the uncle of one of my nieghbors boyfriends (who lives next door) Blaine bugged me to take him for cigarettes this morning. I still don't have a car so I went and asked mom to use her car and see if she needed anything. She insisted that I go to Dollar General and get the medicine she just had to have. And yes, the only two guys in my age range at Dollar General, were Blaine and the Pepsi guy in the pic above. He almost ran into me while I was waitng for Blaine, who was looking at flower pots. Neon green and purple are my two fav colors. Mountain Dew is the only soda I like and I lived on it when I worked at Sunoco for four years and flirted with Pepsi Bob every time he came in. Harmless and fun because he was old enough to be my grandpa and married. He was awesome and sweet. He worked with and is friends with a man I partied with at 19 and am still friends with on Facebook. I wished I could find a man like both of them. Blaine and I followed the Pepsi guy down the main street when we left. Then we went to Coles and finally bought the elbow for my toilet. Yes, we are procrastinators. And seeing what I saw below.....I told Blaine I was getting my car back today. This was at 10:45am

It's not often I see a car exactly like mine. Same color and model.

His friend came over and started working on my computer right away. As he was starting, Blaine decided to go get his laptop and have him fix his too. At 12:55pm, they called to tell me my car was ready. Computer dude had to go get his woman soon and my uncle was headed South. The guy took my computer, it was still saving all my songs externally, Blaine left his for me and my uncle picked me up and took me to Sunbury Motors. I stopped to see one of my Holiday Hair girls and now I finally know where she lives. I went to the gas station for air in my tire that probably needs replaced soon. And when I pulled out, I was behind a green car with a driver that looked like Pepsi guy above. The license plate started with JRK.....all the way to Danville I followed him and kept thinking...jerk.

I need the computer to write this blog. It's the only way for now. I'm hoping that will change soon. But then, I might write too much if it's more available.

The songs the radio played for me in my car on the way home, every single one, in order:

"Do I Wanna Know?" Artic Monkeys

"GDFR" feat. Sage The Gemini & Lookas

"Lean On Me" Club Noveau (my fav version, I love to dance)

"Complicated" Avril Lavigne

"Sugar" Maroon 5

"Uma Therman" Fall Out Boy

Yea...I Love MY life, no matter what shit it throws at me. And Blaine just reminded me that the weather sure has been nice for a few days, hasn't it?? He's finishing my toilet as I write this. I don't think he ever reads it. I read his cards once, he said, "yea, I know, I believe in you, I don't need to see that. I'd rather be doing something." Thank you for reading and believing with me <3

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