Go For It

5:30am If you've been reading, I have been dreaming about a certain guy for a little over three months. I haven't wrote about the dreams of him much, I don't want to think about him so I don't write about it....but he talks to me every time I sleep. I don't see him much but I hear him all the time. It use to make me cry but now it makes me mad. The other day, I wrote the blogs Pissed and More Pissed. I've been saying for three months that every time I go out in society, I only see guys that look like him. I don't think many people believed me. I even told him....after he emailed me and broke my heart, yea, I still tried to tell him and he didn't believe me, he ignored me and he ran away. In More Pissed, I mentioned how it's proven that we all have at least seven twins and I said that I would go find one of his. And the very next time I left this mountain, four hours later, I found one, just like I do every day. Only this time, I took a picture to prove it and show you. I almost didn't get a pic, I was watching him walk around the store for ten minutes, in shock and disbelief that this was happening. But it was pretty good timing wasn't it?? Just look at the way he walks. And you do see that he's wearing glasses, right?? I couldn't believe my luck. He had good energy, a job and this guy....I know where I can find that guy again. Hell, I could probably even find him on Facebook.

I followed the Pepsi guy in his truck and then later, I followed another guy that looked like him. I use to think it meant I should follow the guy talking to me in my dreams. I've never mentioned, I took pics of his dog the night I met the dog, sitting at that guys house for the first time I was ever there (we have mutual friends). It was also the first time I ever really looked at the guy in three years and actually talked to him. It was the first time I heard him say more than a couple words. I made a collage of the dog pics while sitting there and posted it on Facebook. It was Valentine's Day.....because I fell in love with that dog and I wanted it, me, the cat lady, wanted a dog. I never wanted the guy....but I was forced to look at him and see how great it could be. And he's been forcing me to dream about him and see him....every day. But he's not here, even though he thinks about it, I guess he doesn't really want to be here and the Universe keeps making me follow his twins....I guess I should go follow one of them instead. So yea, it's that easy. I thought about it, I wrote about it and I made you think about it with me.....and it happened. Anything you want is out there, you just have to want it and look for it. If you can't find it, it's not meant to be.

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