1:30pm Facebook is showing me all love. Lots of love. Plus, the most amazing video ever. It's what I've believed all my life and have been striving to show people. Society is corrupt. I'm trying to make a village up here. Spiritual awakening is happening and it's time to wake up. I shared the video on my home page here. I also posted, on Facebook, an article that explains the difference between twin flames and soul mates. I've always known there's a difference. I tell people all the time, your kids, friends, family and pets are your soul mates. The article is on I'm not sharing that, that site shares beautiful, insightful, amazing things and you should check it out yourself. Or you can just like them on Facebook, they share it all on there.

I'm not scared of my twin, I'm only scared that he won't one else has, except my 'brother' Blaine and my soul mate neighbors, who all have their twins.

3:45pm My laptop was delivered and it has Windows 10!!! When I bought this laptop, I was desperate. My other one just up and died and I wanted itunes for my iphone. I had $200 and went online and bought the first one I could find at that price. It was from some random, small business. According to the computer guy, it's one of the best laptops ever!! And he wants to get one. I'm so lucky

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