Music #2

I made another public playlist on Spotify, called Today. It will change according to what the radio plays for me that day. Remember...."Shut Up and Dance" is always what you must think.

"Oh don't you dare look back.

Just keep your eyes on me"

Safelite is bringing me a new windshield today :))

So cool....Starlite, Safelite

P.S. Yea...I KNOW what I'm doing. I have a tumor on my ovary and I'm a Pisces, it takes awhile to process my emotions and that's why I'd rather just not talk about them and try to be happy. Plus, my Aquarius Sun doesn't like having emotions but obviously I'm full of them. Some times I screw things up because there's some people who think it's best to keep shit from me. They just don't know who I AM.

I KNOW a lot more about this World than even I realize. That's why I can't say, you have to ask. I often surprise my self at how much I KNOW.

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