My Paper Route


What a magical morning. The paper guy was late and new. AND of course he looked like the Pepsi guy and of course, despite my "morning" and checking him out.....he completely ignored me and acted like I wasn't there.

I went out pissed. The music was playing it too. Lots of songs about my pain and hurting. I even heard "Everytime You Go Away" Paul Young....haven't heard that song in a long time and it played three times this morning!!!

But then they turned into someone telling me how sorry they are. That "Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner" (how cool, one of my fav movies and it's a great song that fits) and he wants to treat me like an Animal. Oh and then "Like A Wrecking Ball" too. And what about this song by Beck that I never heard before?? He's awesome and it's called "Dreams"

(researched later, this was released June 15, 2015

ten days after the connection and nine days after the magical ride alone)

As I was thinking the above and what to say.....I finally saw a BEAR!!! One of the six things on my bucket list, now down to five. And that bear saw me, felt me, heard me and showed me himself. It was MAGICAL

I hope he is there again....I want to attempt a video.

Sunoco dude actually remembered me, after a year but he gave me the wrong smokes....USA Gold FF 100's. I don't like the 100's, Blaine use to and the guy in my dreams does.

It would be nice if he stopped thinking and just did. I'm very lonely, tired of crying and really horny. Did you know that women peak in their 30's?? And I'm 35 and haven't had much of anything for years. Plus, I really need an electrician. My car lights won't come on when I open the door anymore, not fun delivering papers for three hours. It's getting foggy so even though my fog lights haven't worked for a couple months, it would be nice if they did again. And I have a few electrical outlets that don't work right, I'm sure they are a fire hazard.

My Facebook has more pics but they are all blurry. I'm not sure what astrological sign a bear is, maybe he is many all in one?? Fierce and powerful, with a big heart, right?? I find it strange that I've never seen one when they are all over MY mountain.

Carol Riley

I almost forgot....I saw dog #5, second dog I've seen on that very same road and this time, I took a pic. I yelled at him to go home and he ran down the road, hopefully he went home:

My post from Facebook: I only used the first letters of the roads because I'm in the country alone and I'm afraid of stalkers. I carry several weapons (a couple knives, a huge mag light and a fake makes great brass knuckles and is heavy enough that it will hurt if I need it to). I find it cool that they spell ME

"Now that I'm home and calmed down. I have to tell you the whole story. I was going down road M and turning onto road E when I saw the ass end of the bear going into the field. As I went down E to drop a few papers off and come back to road M....I was yelling out my sunroof (which is always open unless it's raining) "Please let him be there when I go back, I want a picture" over and over I said it until I got back to road M. I turned right and as soon as I turned the corner, he was there along the road, on his back feet looking at me. The pics where he's not in the road, he's in front of the corn on his back legs. I stopped, was taking pictures and telling him how beautiful he was and I was so glad he was letting me see him. And then he walked out in the road and showed off!!! If I see him again, I will attempt a video but I don't want to get too close and scare him and I can't zoom while recording. IT WAS SO MAGICAL"

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