10:30 am

My uncle brought me a new hat. It has red wings on it. Calvin Klein. Now that I have short hair, I love hats. No headaches from all that hair. It was thick, gray and nasty and required a lot of money and time to make it look so good. Hats hide my eyes. I don't like looking in people's eyes much, I see souls and I always see what they are inside....all the potential to be good. And for some reason, the worse they are on the outside, the more I'm attracted to them and I get hurt.

My mom is buying me business cards. I'm researching now. And if my basement would get fixed, I need a ditch outside, dry locked walls inside and a dehumidifier, she would buy me a real barber chair too. She was talking to my cousin yesterday and starting talking about my dad. Till she looked over at me.....she went home after a few minutes.

I've been working on this website my whole life. This past winter, I was making photos. Can you tell which ones I made?? I wasn't ready to start it, I'm a procrastinator. But I was given motivation to make it by friends wanting their cards read and because I knew someone went very far away and was thinking about me. He was looking for the whole World is wondering who he is. Think he's paying attention yet?? Not many people know who I'm talking about, he never use to come around much and now he hides when he does. I've given enough clues that I know at least one person is reading this who does know. I worked on this site for one whole week and Facebook gave me everything I didn't have yet. Once Facebook started repeating the same shit with different pics and worded a little bit differently, I knew I was done and I started this blog.

NOON My uncle stopped by again. Smoked with me and brought me a pamphlet that was in my door. A Jehovah's witness was here and the pamphlet is about being a KING who can live forever on Earth. HMMMM....I'm not reading the inside. I'm saving it for MY King, he can tell me the important stuff. I probably already know anyway.

1:30pm Went to see my grandpa, my father. We sat on the porch. I told him about the bear and showed him the pics. He can't see well but he could tell it was a young one. I remembered that where I saw the bear, there are usually at least two cats in that intersection. I hope he wasn't chasing them. We talked about books. He wants more on his kindle. We talked about my brother buying his new house today. He bought a nice one out in the country, right down the road from his wife's parents. There is a creek nearby. I miss him but he is happy. She is an Aquarius and I love her. She got my brother to be a marine and now he has a great job at Geisinger. I have two awesome nephews.

We also talked about how my daughter wants to walk down the mountain to see her friend. He just moved into the old barber shop. The one where my best friend from elementary school lived. Kim Shuman. A lot of people have been talking to me about her lately. I miss her too guys. She was great. For those who don't know, she passed away from lung cancer and is missed greatly. I wish we had stayed closer as we got older but I know I will see her again.

"Come a Little Closer" Cage The Elephant - played in the car on the way to my grandpa's <3

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