In my 20's. I spent way too much time in my favorite dive bar. I rarely paid for drinks, I mostly hung out at the bar talking about Life with the old men. Most of them loved me, one in particular. He was the uncle of one of my high school best friends, my brothers best friend. That uncle loved me and brought me food while I worked at Sunoco. He knew I was too busy most days and didn't bother to eat otherwise. He loved playing lottery and often asked me to pick his daily numbers. He would never tell me if he won, he hardly ever cashed them in while I was working. He would always ask me, why 147?? My reply was always "I don't know Forrie, I don't know" I never did, I just always liked it. He has passed away. No one had told me, I found his obituary in the paper, a day after his funeral. I guess it's alright, I avoid funerals. I think Life should be celebrated, not mourned. He had a long, good life. I have a picture of him and me, it's hanging in my closet. He gave me that pic and it was next to my dad's pic.

I woke up this afternoon knowing why.


My life goal is to find The One. My daughter's bday is the 14th and my grandpa's bday is the 17th.


My Sun and Moon are four houses apart. One of my Moons is Taurus. I know now that my twin, The One, is a Taurus.


My brothers bday is the 7th and a very lucky number for him and some times me too. Seven houses after my Sun, is my North Node in Leo. I Will My Goal.

I also love 2's. It's a Pisces thing and I have two Moons. I've always felt things are better in two's, not alone. I believe The One has two Moons like me. It's rare but I'm lucky enough to have a few friends that have two Moons also and we are really smart.

Have you noticed the big red V on Maroon 5's album?? Go check out Aries symbol....I AM

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