I'm going to write a book. I want to make money and go to Jamaica. In the blog Music #2, I said I would change the playlist daily. I didn't really think I would, I didn't think anyone paid that much attention but my paper route was magical for me again.

Did you google oracle?? I never knew about the company. I had to google oracle definition. It's beautiful. I forgot to tell you that My Devil was Jamaican and grew up in New York. We both went to the hair show in New York while in school and I met a famous barber. I will have to tell you about My Angel in barber school some day, Tony. I have a Jamaican friend whom I met in my fav dive bar many years ago. He is a great friend and has shown me all these years that Jamaicans have big hearts. I ran into my Jamaican friend at a 'concert' in Milton with another really good friend of mine. March 5, 2010 and I took a selfie with each one and posted them in my Me photo album. The other friend introduced me to a lot of people, including my daughter's father. I dreamed about being at a really big concert and My Devil was there watching me. It really is a small World.

I didn't see anyone when I picked up my papers except the cops and I sit there every morning, they don't bother me anymore. I started my route playing yesterdays list. Until I got close to the valley I call the magical valley and lost service. I was forced to listen to the radio. I used SoundHound and put almost every single song on there in the order I heard them. Except for the beginning, I left some there and started at "Living On A Prayer"

"Animals" played and I was thinking about all the animals I see. And was thinking of that bear and where I found him. I was also thinking how My Devil was the only guy I was with who wasn't white and Irish. He called him self dark chocolate (the only chocolate I like). What can I say, I love my self so much, I want to be with some one "Just Like Me"

"Holiday" played and all I could think about was the next Holiday, Halloween, the 'witch's' New Year. It's on a Saturday and I'm having a party on My Mountain. But I've never seen a bear up here, even though they are around and I want to see one.

I can't add "Style" Taylor Swift. It played after "Ho Hey" and while I was in the bottom of the magical valley. When I started this paper route, I came upon a family of foxes on this road. Baby foxes are so cute. I wish I had taken a picture but I was too amazed at my luck.

When I go up the mountain from that valley, I go to the top where there is a cow farm. If I go right, I will go see my old neighbor. He is like a father to me, one of a few and the only one who is a Taurus. His text tone when he texts me is "Hero"

But I'm delivering papers, so I go left.....down road M....where I found a bear.

And when I was going down road M this morning, looking for that bear, "Bad Blood" by Taylor Swift was playing and I didn't see animals on that road today.

"Nothing's Going to Stop Us" was playing on another part of the mountain where I turn around. I usually see foxes in that driveway but this morning, I saw two deer.

The last song in the list was playing when I got home and parked. Then I delivered my last newspaper, as I do most mornings, to my neighbor and best friend. I was smiling and feeling good when I threw that paper on her chair. I know it makes her smile to see it there.

My real dads picture is looking out the mountain towards my Taurus father. My mom sent me to meet Pepsi Guy.

Magic happens

Facebook let me know that today is the five year marriage anniversary of the woman who got me to make this website.

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