Pissed Again


My night was not well. I was mad and sad and crying. Someone doesn't believe. I feel them. They are very close. And not paying attention. Blaine is digging my ditch alone and I delivered papers alone again.

I decided that until I'm too busy or till Spotify cuts me off, I'm making a playlist every day. I scan the radio every morning. I listen for songs I know, songs I like and songs that make me think of friends....yea, I don't like all the songs on my paper route playlists. Like today's, the country song made me think of Blaine and how I should want him. Look how much he does for me. The guy sings about Georgia. Maybe Blaine's woman is South. He wants a boat, he would like to live on the ocean. Do you know a woman who has a boat or wants to get one?? Blaine is a great catch.

And what about "Angels in the Snow"?? I have no idea where that came from. SoundHound threw that one in there. It also added "Mim Quer Tocar"

What the heck SoundHound??

The first ten songs on today's list are samples of some of the ones I played for my self before I left. The radio played some of them for me later.

Animals I saw this morning, in order: a buck along the river, a fawn after taking a left and going up the mountain from the river, two doe on High Road, two doe on Sunbury Road, a fox on Pine Swamp.

If you want more details, you will have to get my book, whenever it gets done. Some one has to come pick my brain, organize and write it for me. I'm taking notes.

It's not a coincidence that I never listened to Fall Out Boy before the last couple weeks. Can you believe the name of that one?? And "To Be With You in Heaven"....look at who that's by. And do you see the album name for the Lorde song, "Royals"?? WOW

It wasn't coincidence that I saw the fox either. The fox who ran away from me on Pine Swamp Hollow Rd, a road before Road M and it didn't show off like the bear. Some one is definitely hiding from me. I believe he is a lefty. I love leftys. They are smart, like my grandfather, a lefty. They get confused and take a right some times when you tell them left, I was his navigator when we traveled for vacations. I KNOW

Just listen to the words of all those songs. It's a beautiful story and it's only what, a couple hours?? I usually clean and or cook when I play music and some times I dance

I changed the note above my bed ;-)

"Maps" Maroon 5

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