You're So Cool

10:30 am

My favorite movie. I was 13. Quentin Tarantino is the best but he only wrote this movie. I always wished it could have been done in his style. daughter loves making movies and I've always wanted my own personal, crazy, fucked up love story.....with MAGIC of course.

Not long after I was 18, I went for my first tattoo. A guy I was dating, S, took me to some guy in Milton. We had a friend B, who I think looks like Woody Harrelson. He lived close to the tattoo guy. And near the bar.....where years later, I lost a sandal at the beach party when I was dating my daughter's dad.

NOTE from 10/3/15: I broke my fav sandals at my Taurus' father's my neighbor and relative

The same bar I visited real late on Feb. 13, 2015. To celebrate my friend's bday.

I will have to tell you the story about J, who had my heart for 16 years. But he gave it back when we sat by a pond for three hours and talked about life....while I played with my heart shaped ring, June 3, 2015. The one I bought my self and the only piece of jewelry I paid more than $10 for. Because it was my birthstone, garnet.

My first tattoo is on my heart, a red rose.

But the red is almost gone. And I lost my heart ring delivering papers....August 7, 2015.

I plan on getting Alabama tattooed on my left arm, when my tattoo guy is ready for pin-ups.

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