I wasn't going to keep sharing so many stories but my horoscopes seem to think I should. I had five apps on my phone and I read all five while I was in barber school. Every morning while I waited for someone to come unlock the doors. Yea, I was often the first one there - on the days I went. If not, classes didn't start till 9 and I was there at 8.

I believed in them, they guided me in making my book and they came true. I have photo collages of the best ones, in the notebook I keep and wrote in every day while I was in school. I started it two weeks after I started school and still write almost every day. I write about almost everything that happens. And add pics.

I was at WalMart around 10pm

8 was my number for clocking in at Holiday Hair

In Bloomsburg

I hung out with my friend B, who looks like Woody Harrelson, when I was 18-19. His girlfriend M, stole a check from me and made it out for cash. I stopped hanging with him, even though it was her, he stayed with her.

16 years later, he showed up in my driveway with a Boston

At my best friend M's.....yea.....same M name but different girl, ask him

W asked me to come over quick, I jump when he says quick, I might miss my herbs

I was dating a guy I met at Home Depot

It was the end of Feb/beginning of March, I was dating Home Depot, I didn't care about Boston so I never wrote about it. But it was about herbs, how could I forget??

I was a little embarrassed that day. We were having a heat wave. It was over 90....in Winter!!

I didn't know he had company

I had jumped out of bed, in shorts and a tank top, nothing else, no contacts and no undies....that's right, no panties

And while B made me talk about how important it was to make sure I have my herbs on Fridays and made me talk about foreplay....Boston sat there drooling and not listening

I've been out there looking for him for a long time. But the Universe brought him to me, many years ago. And my friends helped me see that. All we had to do was look at each other and talk.


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