Music - "Dreams"

7:15 am

Lots of music

Themed on dreams and stars. I actually never heard half of these songs. Some, I only like the words.

Animals other than raccoons and possums (they are every where): A fox along the river, a horse and dead cat near the middle, one on either side of the mountain, a family of three deer in the field where I saw two yesterday and then a buck on the last road I go down, another M

"On My Mind" was playing as I went down Road S where a friend from high school grew up. I found a calf in the ditch one morning on this road. My friend is a hippie and tells everyone that my house is magical. I searched SoundHound twice for the name of that song, to no avail. As I turned around in her neighbors driveway tho, the song ended and the radio announcer told me the name and artist.

Then, when I went around the corner, I found a horse that was outside his fence. I took 3 pics, they are in order and I've been aching to use that frame:

I left him there and didn't bother anyone. There were two other horses, on the inside of the fence next to him and I was sure he wouldn't wander far from them.

"Wildest Dreams" played on High Road as I turned onto Sunset Rd <3

The dead cat looked like the first male cat I had and was laying in the middle of the road. I used a bunch of papers to put it on the side. I just couldn't let it's family see it run over if another car had come along and done so. Especially when this is the sign at their driveway:

"Downtown" was playing

My grandparents raised me in a church. I Care

My cat was Little Asshole but we called him Little A. He was here for seven years and was the best cat. He was an outside cat and never came home one day. My mom found him in the field, three months later, torn apart. He was a fighter who apparently fought something he shouldn't have. The next male cat, that I still have, came from my neighbor on Dec. 25, 2011. He greets me at my car every time I come home, I call him handsome but his name is Tiger.

"Hide Away" played at the house with the flower pot on the chair and I think they are hoarders (my mom, her bar)

"Irreplaceable" played.....I've been talking about twins and going left

I love that there is another song called "Ex's and Oh's" by Atreyu. I don't like the song but the lyrics back up Elle King's song. AND her's fits my life, their's must be my twins

The Satelitte song made me think of Centralia

I finally heard a Pink song and I bought pink pepper spray at WalMart. I don't like the color pink but I can see it in the dark and I love the singer Pink.

My rose tattoo doesn't have any thorns, does yours??

My fav songs from today's list:

Uma Thurman

Sexy Chick


Time of Our Lives

Fight Song

Wake Me Up

Cool for the Summer

On My Mind

Wildest Dreams

Locked Out of Heaven

The Hills

Good For You

Ex's & Oh's

Fallen Angel

Turns out to be 14. My daughter is my SUN. I live for her and she is almost 13 !! :'(

8:40am I just noticed that yesterday and today's playlist has 47 songs. The 25th had 30, 30 makes me think of my sis-in-law. She's from Millville. I love her but I love two's and Bad Boys with good hearts.

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