Old Time Rock and Roll


I get lucky a lot. I see when it's 1:11, 2:22, 11:47....every day. Do you ever see those times?? It is suppose to be lucky and a good sign

The title is the song I danced to in kindergarten

In my moms bar

My dad had been there

Real life

Spotify does not have the song

But my 80's album is my 80's music

I started with Kix

Blaine talked to me about them twice

It fits my motivation

Save humans

It inspired song two

Then I looked up an 80's top hit list

And started from 1980

Adding the ones I knew and or liked

They all speak to me

And tell stories

And it went very nicely into a story

Rock With You by MJ was #1 when I was born

I wish it ended with "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel but Spotify does not have that

Say Anything with John Cusack 1989

AJ did my clover tattoo

Alex does my tattoos now

JP in high school killed himself

I don't like suicide

I believe in Love

Barber S playlist......is the songs I played every morning, all day while I was in barber school. My motivation for getting through was Love

I made this blog with Patrick Hand font Size 22 <3


SEE....I'm lucky

I played DJ today

"Starry-Eyed Surprise"

I forgot about that song until I got the windows update, what day was that?? I'm not looking. I was going through itunes adding songs to my phone again. I lost all my lists. I'm still working on the barber one. I played the same playlist for pretty much the whole 6 months. Crazy. The last week, the radio has given me so much more.

I remembered, while cooking dinner, that I didn't like any of the songs in my fav movie either. I Know that someone is listening and My movie is going to have a badass soundtrack. I've made a playlist called now, most of what I played today and might play again tomorrow <3

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