WalMart Ride


Saturday evening, I went to WalMart to cash my check. I woke up sad and crying. Go figure. I'm still alone in this big bed.

I dreamed about sitting in Alex's tattoo chair. I have to call him. For those who don't know, he was away for seven years and can draw anything with a pencil. Anything. He came home in February, right before his bday Feb. 22. I saw luck in him and I jumped at a chance to let him practice on me. I think he's doing really awesome for 6 months. Look at my garter. It's a little odd yes....but so am I...I love it. I can't wait for some one to read me the music notes on it. He did my scorpion, my cat and some birds. The birds are not done so we haven't taken a pic of them yet. Alex is a healer. He can heal people by touch. But in this day, who is going to believe in that?? That's why I have pushed him and helped him do tattoo's. He can make people feel good by giving them a beautiful piece of artwork that will last their whole life.

I love tattoo's and I believe they are important. Yes, I do believe they can help us find our twin flame. Twins like the same things so they will be attracted to each others tattoos.

I can look at you and tell you if you're with the right person and if you're on the right path. Yea, It's that easy for me. But to make you believe, I can read your cards, your palm, your birth chart.....whatever you want me to use to prove it. And I say cards because I can use playing cards too, they don't have to be Tarot ones. Anything except a crystal ball....but only because I haven't found one yet.

I went to WalMart thinking I was going to look for a man. I got distracted because my daughter needs new pants. She only wears leggings and we wear the same size so I'm always looking for both of us. I was so happy at my luck, I guess because it's fair time, the entire row was full for the first time. I found a lot for us both. I was so excited, I wasn't listening to the music. And still wasn't when I headed over to look for a sweatshirt. I love zipper hoodies and they are hard to find cheap and warm. There were none in the ladies so I checked out the mens. I got lucky again. There were four Daryl Dixon zipper hoodies left. I got one for me and one for my best friends daughter. I bet the other two are gone by now. They also had Superman, for my daughter, her fav. Yea, she got one

Norman Reedus starred in a movie in 2000 that I Love. Gossip. It's awesome, you should watch it. Not long after he did the Boondock that one too of course, Irish Bad Boys <3 and now, we all know he is the Star of Walking Dead. I came across that show in the first season and watched an entire 15 minutes when I fell in love with it and didn't even know it was a zombie show. I'm addicted now and have it DVR'd.

I went back to the camping section for the third time, to look for pepper spray. I found a four pack of camping sporks for my daughter, she's been wanting more. She loves them and I broke her last one. I was so excited, my luck, a four pack. Then I listened to the music. "All the Right Moves" was playing. Then I found my pepper spray. And I made a playlist with that song and all the ones I heard on the way home. Except "Shake It Off" I heard Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" but it's not on here and I love Mariah's version too. Thank you SoundHound <3

I walked out of WalMart side by side with a single blonde in a hat. She went right, I went left.

I stopped at Sunoco for smokes and gas. Maroon 5 was playing a song for me that I hadn't heard before. I saw my friend Mex. If you live in Danville, you probably know him. I think he is really cool and he always brings me luck. I went to barber school with a guy who everyone called Mex. He was awesome and had a wife whom he didn't like at first, his mom made him take her on a date and he fell in love. They have been together many years and have three beautiful daughters. He lives near Centralia. My daughter wanted to see that place for years and we finally visited Centralia not too long ago. I posted pics on Facebook.

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