I started my morning sad. Crying. I was recently talking about the heart with some one. I was told to look up, "myocordial cells" and "automaticity" I'm not sure I want to. Did you know that your heart requires electricity?? And only has so much??

After my magical ride tho, I'm feeling better. And I'm telling the whole ride by song. Well, only a taste on here. Just the Animals.

Remember that the last song playing was "Fallen Angel" so the radio was on 107.3. When I started my car, a band was playing, that is one of my neighbor and BF's favorite bands. I don't care for them much but the song has great lyrics and fits so well.

If I let my friends songs play, I get to hear something I like or that gives me a message. I saw a young deer going down My Mountain, listening to "Rockstar" the area where my BF is always hitting deer.

Song number two was playing in town, I have a high school class mate who lives in Venture, CA. She is awesome.

AC/DC is another one of my BF's fav bands

ET....well, I love Katy Perry's music and I believe in 'aliens'.....I am Aquarius

I was crying and thinking about My Self and how sad I am.

Rolling Stones made me think of an ex and downtown. He took me out for my bday, as a friend, I thought it was more. I wanted more. He got me trashed, took me to the bar that has Rolling Stones posters all over it and apparently, I tried to fuck him in the mens bathroom. I don't remember the night. I remember him tho. He was a Scorpio and his initials were JM. I loved him. But he didn't love me. I wrote him notes and letters. He loved them. He told me I had a beautiful mind. I made him a few CD's too. He cherished them and the stories they told. Mostly, he was sure to let me know if he didn't like one. The only times I saw him, were at the bar or when he would show up in my bed at three or four am. Some times he woould bring me food and I couldn't say no to him.....because it was the best sex I ever had. I Know, I was sober most of the time. I found out years later, he was supposedly on harder drugs. It makes sense, look at the times he came over. I stalked him and made him leave me alone because he wouldn't stay away. He would sneak in behind people at Sunoco and surprise me while I was behind the counter. He loved to see if it would make me mad or happy. I didn't want him because he told me I wasn't great at anything. And so what if I don't clean my floors often enough, maybe some one should come help me take care of all these Animals that just keep showing up.

I've gone to school three times since. Now.....I've proven that not only am I good, I'm too good for him. Thank you for The Inspiration though JM.....many songs made me remember how much you loved my mind and reminded me that someone is listening. Every morning now, I hear new songs, many new songs.

"Fight Song" came on Sharp Ridge where I saw a doe

"That's How You Know" came on. My two fav words are Fuck and Freedom. And towards the end of that song, I was turning onto High Rd. I've been seeing two doe on this road lately....

but this morning,

there was a buck who ran beside me, on the right.

AND then he crossed the road in front of me,

to the left.

I have a pic

AND immediately after, at my first paper drop, on High Rd, the people had their dogs out. TWO of them. They barked at me.

AND then "Ex's and Oh's" came on and played as I drove High Rd and delivered my papers. Then #17 came on as I turned onto Sunset "Cool for the Summer" and played until I got to the end of High Rd. One night, I saw a green light fall from the sky on this mountain, on this spot in the road. I posted about it on Facebook when it happened.

At the end of High Rd, over summer, I had to stop here for construction. I met an older man B. He liked me and gave me his number. I'm pretty sure he saw my pipe sitting in the center counsel. Oops. I don't like older men, even though he reminded me of the B from Beauty School and had the same exact name.

"Habits" came on as I pulled off High Rd. I think the song is annoying but it fits so well, I let it play.

I saw a big family of racoons, when "Lucky Man" was playing. On the road I want to get lucky on

In magical valley, "Turn the Page" was playing. And right in front of the guy's house who beat my brother up in High School, JF, a fox ran across the road, in front of me, right to left

As I went up the hill from magical valley, I heard "Love Myself" again but Spotify does not work on that road. I saw a buck, I have a pic of him jumping in the field to the right.

Then commercials came on but I had to turn around and when I looked up, I definitely took pics, not bothering with the radio. I don't think I got them.....but a fox and a cat that looked like my Tiger, were playing together in the field.

Then Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" came on. I definitely like Bastille's version today.

Going back down that road, I saw a family of three deer. I attempted three pics. I haven't looked at them real good yet.

Then, on my last drop that's on the right, the last one I have to stretch for and am always glad to see, there was the last animal I saw. A buck on the right, behind the trees.

Do you know that one of the last roads I drive on, is the one where a tornado hit not too long ago?? I couldn't go down that road that morning, the cable or power line was across the road. What date was that??

"Afterlife" IM

New to me but sounds amazing.

I Believe in Heaven on Earth

AND the most I came down the road, taking a left onto 11 to go home, "Old Time Rock and Roll" came on. I blasted it all the way up My Mountain @ 5:40am this morning.

I finally heard "My Hero" this morning. I forgot what it was called and was looking for it. I think of Varsity Blues and Superman <3

"Invincible" came on while turning into my driveway

I talked to my uncle and got to hear the last song

He Is coming

"Dreams" Beck


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