My daughter woke me up because she wanted me to cook a box of mac and cheese. Oh how upset I was. I made pans of homemade yesterday and she doesn't like it. I woke up sad. I cried more. When is this nightmare going to end?? I'm ready to go. Haven't I written enough??

My girl sent me a video at 6:16pm. The first one I watched all the way through. She made a video for "Uma Thurman"

Did you know that she uses Littlest Pet Shop toys?? Makes her own scenery and props??

I'm in love with this one. It's one of her best yet. The three animals she chose, their colors, the background and the car. A red convertible. I want one but they are not good in this PA weather.

How much proof do you need?? Have you listened to the number one song today??

"The Hills have eyes..."

Or "Good For You" SG

Wasn't she in a show about Wizards??

The music is speaking to us

All of us

Cora loves the song "Moves Like Jagger"

I never did, till now

Now I love the lyrics and the music

And look at the songs the radio played for me when I went for cigarettes, the one Habit I really need to quit but can't seem to do on my own.

"Thunder" Leona Lewis

"Cecilia And The Satellite" Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

"Invincible" Kelly Clarkson

"Uncharted" Sare Bareilles

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