National Radio Day


I went out to deliver papers wondering if I'm losing it or if I'm really lost. I got my answers.

First of all, "In Your Eyes" played on my hippie friends road. One of my fav songs, from one of my fav movies. And just listen to the only copy I could find on SoundHound. The playlist is named after the first song, I Drink Alone. The guy talks for about a minute and tells you every thing you need to know. Just listen to the whole playlist in order. It's National Radio Day. Since 1920

I listened to John Tesh then, for a while, he gives good advice and then he played "Lucky Star". AND it played....all the way across High Road, down Sunset and back across High Road more, where I saw a green light fall from the sky.

Which was followed by a commercial from Flow. She said she couldn't believe she was famous and going to CA.

And then Led Zeplin played.....I was talking to a girl friend about them today

Two deer played on Hart Rd while I was scanning the radio and then I found "You Got It", I Love that song

"Ex's and Oh's" played on P Rd....the one that has the same name as my Ex, the road on the right after "Lucky Man" Road. Right after another Dream song (#5)....I saw Aerosmith live, in the Poconos. The next road we call John Deere road. "Careless Whisper" came on while going down that road. I've seen an owl on John Deere road and almost every morning, I see a cat like my Persuasion. But this morning, I saw the big white tail of a deer running off to the right. There is an old barn there, where I turn around and I have seen parties in there. It reminds me of my teenage years. And then Red Hot Chilli Peppers came on. I saw them live, at Woodstock '99. It was awesome.

That song played all the way thru magic valley

I heard the second Bruce Springsteen song.

My mom loves him and I do love the two that played for me this morning.

Then.....I caught the Elvis Doran morning show as it was coming on, anouncing that it's National Radio Day.

Holy shit. I don't think anything is a coincidence. I videoed me driving as they read Wikipedia. Most of it was a joke and hilarious.....but I can not believe how much it fit my life right now. The guy got his real facts under the History of Radio. I can't wait to share what I recorded them saying. It was amazing. And it played while I turned around at the retired fireman's house, who sometimes greets me and chats. His house number is 180, to remind you, I was born in Jan 1980 and the name of his road, I can't tell the World but it fits a fireman. Ten years ago, I dreamed about my house burning down.

Then I found the song "Holy Grail"

"Fight Song" played as I went down tornado rd. The customer I deliver to, has a sign on their garage "Lynn"

I heard another Nirvana song. I loved them as a teenager, I think I was 16, I know I was driving and took friends to a 'club' for teenagers in Milton. They played alternative music there.

Two singers, two songs, lots of concerts and memories

"The Hanging Tree" was playing when I almost hit one of two deer coming up My Mountain. The slower one. I was too busy grabbing papers to get a pic but it was at the spot where my best friend M has hit, how many, 2??

"Safe and Sound" played as I drove through my driveway delivering papers. It was 5:30 am, I blasted it

I was thinking it's time for the kids to get up for school.

Oops....I forgot they are off for the fair. I don't think they minded tho, the music was singing about being safe and they are all dreaming.

As I parked and put my windows up, the very last song came on. I never heard it before. SoundHound says it was released June 17, 2015 <3

Nothing is coincidence.....every thing means something

Just Pay Attention, Believe In Your Self and "Dream On"

This morning inspired me to make a playlist of Practical Magic's soundtrack, even tho it's already done, I have one now too with my favs after theirs. I love this movie also

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