I Believe - My look on life


I believe the bible is a really great story.

About a great magician, ahead of his time.

I believe that religion has misinterpreted it and we are being brainwashed. By them, by corporations, pills, alcohol.....

I want to prove that we can walk into Heaven

I believe we are there and living in dreams

I believe movies, music, every thing is out there to prove it

We just have to believe

Believe that every day is an opportunity to grow

And make your wishes come true

So you can find your self, Love and Heaven

"Old Time Rock and Roll" and my moms bar is important to me because it's the earliest memory I have and one of few from my childhood. I don't have any memories of my dad but I have a picture of him in that bar. I've been dancing most of my life away. I love music. It speaks to my Pisces Venus and Psyche. My Heart, My Mind, Body and Soul. I believe.

I know I can help you. I've searched many places and have been looking for my twin and I have found it with my self. I have two moons, I can see the future. I don't need anyone but I can help you find your self and Love.

Ask me any thing, surprise me, I love to learn new thoughts. I don't dream about my future anymore so let's find yours

"Uprising" Muse

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