"Stereo Love"

7:10 am

I was kept busy yesterday by my Earth Angels. I have everything I need for shaving necks with my cuts now :))

I ended up only getting three hours sleep and I woke up sad again. When did Friday become such a sad and lonely night?? I did a lot of thinking, it's been pouring so there are no animals out. A few possums and mice but that's all I noticed. I didn't even pay attention to the radio that much.

Today's list is short and called "Once Bitten Twice Shy"....this song makes me thing of vampires and the two songs following it, got me really out there this morning.

By the time David Guetta was playing, I was thinking about my kids dad and Days Inn. I was 21 and was telling R that I was not happy with him for over a year. I stopped writing him notes, I didn't talk to him much, we didn't have sex and I caught him talking to someone on the computer. I asked him to leave for at least six months. We talked about it, fought about it and he would end up staying.

Till my best friends 21st bday, a Saturday and the day after my daughters first bday, the day of her first party and the adults went to Days Inn. It was my first time there and I was in love. I went out on that dance floor and danced with several guys. I was having a great time. My friends decided to leave, I had found friends from Milton who were willing to take me home and my kids dad left me there.....dancing with other guys.

I guess he thought dancing would make me happy and that I would go home to him and want him. Well, I liked B, the boy who was way too young to be in that bar. Yea, same B name as construction guy and my neighbors uncle. His friends started a fight at the end of the night but some how B convinced the manager to let us all go without calling the cops. I took those boys home and I showed B a great time, in his cousins bed.

Then my kids dad finally moved out a week later. He tells everyone I cheated, I guess from his eyes, that's true. But in my eyes, I was getting freedom some how. And it worked. Now, we tried being friends. But I fell out of love with him because he thought it was fun to make me mad and still tries to piss me off.

I want to be happy, not pissed off.

I remember when, a year or so later, we went out as friends, with a couple that we were friends with. Those boys ended up leaving my girl friend and I there. They supposedly didn't leave us there, in that hotel, after hours, next to the highway, on purpose. But I find it funny that, on his way home, he wrecked and got two DUI's. So go ahead and have some drinks with him. He's a Sag, he likes to tell stories. Just don't forget, he likes to exaggerate. His girlfirend now, she has the same bday as me and they only have pets, no kids. She's really nice and I hope he treats her better than he did me.

I went to that bar and danced many weekends, many years and had many great times. I stopped going because there were becoming too many guys like My Devil there. They would grab you, grind on you and act like you were theirs. Funny how that place closed and is now empty.

"Stereo Love" played as I was going up Pine Swamp, haven't heard that song in awhile. And since we heard David Guetta twice, who has one of the best songs, "Sexy Chick"......I'm telling two stories.

So then I was thinking about Danville Elks. You know that place?? How about DSS Temps?? Temps sent me to Elks to try out for Office Manager. They hired me after one day. Several of my classmates worked there also. Ones who have the same names as some of the singers in my list today. I stayed there seven months, paying the bills and doing accounting, I even helped cook, waitress and bartend a couple times. A few weeks after I started, they finally hired a General Manager, AV, from Milton. He was really good looking, a musician, singer, many things.....except he wasn't exactly good to his wife. Working with him was difficult some days, thankfully he wasn't even there very often and got him self fired. I got to play GM for him a few times when he would forget about an appointment. It was fun. He also hired some boys from Milton to work in the kitchen. AV and those boys cooked some damn good food. AV got a big band to play there one night. I helped serve drinks and we all had a blast. If I remember correctly, we all made that place some damn good money.

I was in an accident while I worked there. May 21, 2001. I had to take the deposit to the bank every day. I was t-boned by a dump truck, my driver's side and some how walked away with no broken bones. I hurt pretty bad for a few months but then I was good until I started doing hair about ten years later. Now my hands hurt often and my thumbs are hard to use. My left hand went through the drivers side window, thankfully my hand was over my face and my right hand was on the shifter (I had my first stick) and tried to get my hand over my head but I think the steering wheel bent my wrist backwards. They finally have a red light there but a few people have died there. I'm not sure who paid for the light, Sheetz or the big hospital that is taking over that road. My mom worked in one of those buildings when it happened, my brother now works in the same building and I stopped doing accounting after the Elks.

I don't think any thing is a coincidence. Signs are everywhere. Just pay attention and believe. Let's be happy and dance today!!!

If it is meant to be, It Will Be

"Pompeii" Bastille

"Just Dance" Lady Gaga

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