The only time I'm comfortable wearing a bikini, is at the beach or a waterpark. Because at those places, you see almost every body shape you can imagine and they are barely covered. So I still can't believe I went out in my driveway and washed my car in my bikini. Sure, it was my idea, I told my best friend I wanted to do it, she said it was a great idea. And I was given the perfect opportunity just a few hours after talking to her about it.....I had been taking a nap but got woken up by Boston's big mouth outside. I got up, put on my neon green and purple bikini and headed out the door. But as I stood in the doorway ready to go outside, I froze. I stood there thinking that were was no way I could do this but before I knew it, it was like I was flying over to my car and smiling. The whole time I cleaned my car, I was repeating to myself, over and over, "holy shit, I can't believe I'm doing this, how am I smiling, how am I holding myself together" wasn't me. Something came over me. But it was a very important lesson that only three people saw, the three who need to wake up. Those boys needed to wake up. They were hurting two women. I know what the wife was thinking all week when she would leave for work at nights and leave him there. Yea, I'm a female and I'm PSYCHIC, I know exactly what she was thinking and I absolutely refuse to sit here and let anyone think I'm a whore. Those boys had no right pulling this crap. The wife had no right bringing him around at all. She does not approve of his life style, she's the driver, she needs to take control. I also wonder if I'm the only one who noticed what the kid did and how important that is. Shouldn't that boy have run over here and wanted to play in the water?? Why did he keep running towards me but then off to the side?? I believe he knows and was making sure they saw me.





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