Everything Happens for a Reason

7:02 am

I am very thankful that my mom woke me up at 2 this morning. However, I was not happy to hear that she just wanted to complain about my parenting....again. I was so mad at first but it made me think. She use to talk about wanting to travel in an RV, she is constantly buying me hat cases and suit cases, she is always making me want to leave. I'm thinking it's all to push me out and get me out there.

Along with everything else. I have to tell you, the red wing hat, it was not mine. Some one lost it, some one who counts their steps and analyzes every thing. I was meant to wear that hat for a week. I had to see things differently. Most importantly, I had to wear that hat to meet my surgeon. It has been given back to it's rightful owner, I bought a plain black one at WalMart and I'm good at sewing. My gram taught me how to sew shapes on fabric. I was taught many things. And for now, my daughter is letting me use her purple cheetah hat. She says it looks like The "Mad" Hatter's (he's not really named that by the author you know, Chesire calls him mad). I really do like wearing this purple hat to write....


Anyway, I went out to do papers thinking about traveling. I've been wondering about a bus but I thought, no way, I need electric and water. But for some reason, when I heard, "Don't" I thought, a charter bus would be perfect. I've been riding in them for a long time. I was in a really bad accident in one when I was younger, I will have to find out what year, I think I was 12 or 13. The axle broke and we hit a bar!!!!

Everything happens for a reason

A charter bus already has electric, I can change what I need to, I know that much. And if I really need help, my real brother and my cousin's son are electricians. And I've redone almost all the plumbing in my house, I can put my own shower in a bus!!! Yea, that excites me (way more than sex.....believe it). Those RV showers are too tiny for my long limbs. The best part about a bus, I have most of the supplies, I will have room to make a room for my psychic stuff, a room for hair cuts, maybe a second toilet and I will have room for any soul mates that I may find along the way. My house will be empty so it can be fixed....

I'm getting pretty excited about this.

After all, I've always felt that in a past life, I lived in or near Boston, was a witch and was hung. I was definitely hung in a past life, witch or not. So this morning, I was thinking, for the last year, every thing and every person I have been in contact with, has pushed me to embrace the Boston in me. I've come to realize that all my life experiences of being a Wallflower, has trained me and I Know this shit. I've been going over the palm reading stuff again....it really is as though I was born knowing it. I'm so ready to go out there and read palms. It's your birth chart. I had to relearn what the planets and signs meant to each other before I could remember and understand the palms. I'm so thankful that my classmates in barber school wanted their's done. I'm super excited now and can't wait to Find the money for my bus.

Feeling lucky: many different songs this morning and they are really awesome, it was the second morning I completely ran out of papers - the first time was yesterday!!!, I saw a good looking guy on a neon green bike at Sunoco......

AND......I could see Jupiter almost all morning AND it was in a star formation that formed a big Y, making me think of Mars. And those two will be right next to each other, the first time since July 22, 2013, on Oct 17 before Jupiter moves on and catches up to Venus, for the third time this year, on the 26th <3

"Same Old Love" Selena Gomez

Time to make a new beginning

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