I Love Madonna. I love this movie:

How could I forget this movie?? Definitely a fav. Madonna's character was so cool. I wanted to be like her. I looked up the soundtrack. It does not have the songs played in the movie. CRAZY. But the soundtrack was released with Making Mr. Right's soundtrack. Not sure if I ever saw that movie but you can bet I will be watching it today. It looks awesome. "Lust for Life" inspired "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" (both great songs) and reminds me of the movie "Trainspotting"(great movie).....all so very interesting. Wikipedia told me all of this and gave me a list of the songs in the movie: so I made a playlist on Spotify for this movie too. Eventually I will add a list of the twelve songs, the ones I like, the ones that were remade or with ones that I like better in it's place <3

"My Happy Ending" Avril Lavigne

Time to make a new beginning

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