My Morning so far


I decided to head to Dollar General and see if I can flirt with Pepsi guy. On my way to town, I was thinking that he drives the truck so he would be able to drive an RV or a bus. That would be cool. Then I saw an RV and I thought, yep, an RV it is. Then, I saw the Pepsi truck at the store on the corner. And the guy sitting behind the wheel waiting, was an older man with white hair. I was so disappointed. I went to Dollar General for my toilet paper and took my time looking around. Then I went to the SalVal and took my time in there. I found some great things in there. But I never saw Pepsi guy. I'm taking it as a sign to get the hell out of this small town. I wore my daughter's purple hat. Most people looked at me funny, one guy complimented me but really people, what's wrong with being a little different?? And oh yea, the music at the SalVal played "Ex's & Oh's" and "You Got It".....both make me think that yes, I need to get out of here. I hope my helpers come soon. I'm ready to climb up in that loft myself and start bringing shit in. I really don't want to risk breaking my ribs again but I guess, as always, I have to do for myself.


I've decided to renovate a bus. Googled renovated charter buses. Amazing and awesome ideas. And how could I have forgotten they have storage underneath??!!

BEST IDEA"Ex's & Oh's" comes on the radio that I'm listening to instead of Spotify


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