The Planets in October 2015

8:56 am

I took a nap before my paper route and was thinking about what I found last night. I was doing more research on palm reading. I found out that Venus is in retrograde and has been since June 21. That is why I've been thinking of past relationships, maybe you have too?? Thank goodness she is in Leo now and heading back to Virgo, she will be back on track tomorrow!!

Just in time if you ask me. I really wish I had some one to talk to about this stuff. I believe I'm right about the World changing. Do you feel like we are all waiting for something?? There is some huge planetary alignments coming up. With only the most important planets if you ask me. The Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Hello, five planets are lining up with Earth in one night. I have taken my information from Bruce McClure at I am fascinated.

I took pics of my computer with my phone so they are not the best. But this is awesome. Saturn is in a different part of the sky but will be visible. Don't forget, Saturn represents how we understand others and is in Sag. (I See, all month). I will get to watch while I deliver papers. I wish some one would be with me, some one who is just as fascinated. I mean, Jupiter is the planet of LUCK. But maybe it will have to wait till we make some wishes. On the 20th and 21st, we will see "shooting stars" that are remnants of the last time Halley's Comet came through. So cool.

On the 17th, we will see Mercury again

BUT THIS will be visible with Mars, Jupiter and Venus!!!

Maercury represents the way we communicate and is in Libra (I Balance) all month

And then, on October 24th, don't forget those shooting stars on the 20th and 21st......the Moon will be waxing in Pisces, then Aries; I Believe then I AM.

AND it will be directly between Uranus in Aries (I Am) and Neptune in Pisces (I Believe). This is epic in my eyes because the closer Uranus and Neptune are, the older your soul. The Moon represents your mind, how you think. My birth chart has my moon directly opposite Uranus and Neptune.

AND Neptune will be behind the Aquarius constellation while Uranus will be behind the Pisces constellation. It's like my own personal chart is in the sky, I believe something major will definitely change for me. It's like it's my time to shine.

AND guess what else is happening the 24th??


And it is in Virgo (I Analyze) all month

It will be right between the womens and mens hearts!!


With the Full Moon right in between, on the 27th

AND right before the Full Moon.....Jupiter and Venus meet while Mercury makes an apperance <3

I think this is all EPIC and don't understand why no one else is as excited as me

I think it's time for what ever we all have been waiting for. I hear mine calling, I can't wait to meet him.

Who's going to wish and dream with me??

"Same Old Love" Selena Gomez

??"Blue Jeans" Lana Del Ray

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