I did not listen to "Sweat Leaf" this morning. SoundHound threw that one in. I'm listening to it now, I'm not sure if I ever listened to this one before but I do know I've heard it. This morning, I was thinking about how Lucky I am. When I went to the SalVal the other day, I found some good stuff. The Danville store gets a truck every day, they say it comes from New York. They definitely have some good treasures if you take your time and know where to look. The other day, I found a coat for my daughter. She needed a new one, she just keeps getting longer and taller. It looks like mine but is a longer style, what she likes and the hood has cheetah print inside. I'm a little jealous, it's nicer and newer than mine. I found four shirts for me that were $1-2, great deals. Would you believe that I actually bought two white ones?!?! They are really cute and I think I should be wearing white considering.... Hopefully I will not get food on them. I also found a two toned green striped shirt. Just like those cute boys that were on Blues Clues when my daughter watched it many years ago. So cool. The BEST find tho, was sticking out of the row as if someone looked at it and didn't push it back in. The racks were stuffed that morning. I saw it and it was immediately mine. For $2, you can't find a shirt like this around here....I'm so lucky. It says Love and Dream and Rock N Roll and's now one of my fav shirts, even tho I don't like bows

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