The train "Here" "Party In The U.S.A."


"Here" song and I Love it. Lots of songs this morning that I haven't heard on my ride yet. I Love them all, except that "Blank Space" is a cover, Taylor Swift's is the best. Today's list is called "Same Old Love" because it played when I was going down my driveway and when I was coming back up after I was done. Awesome. I'm loving that one too. I napped before my paper route. I woke up remembering my dream. My Taurus father said to me, "he's been there for a couple weeks". I was immediately frustrated and thinking Why?? When is this going to stop?? I got ready and went to get my papers. I waited an hour and a half. I was thinking that it better be worth it. Yesterday morning was cloudy and I couldn't see anything in that sky.

Well, the young guy delivered my papers again. I keep forgetting to write down when he's the one showing up but I think this is the fourth time. Last time, he waved as I was pulling in but he was leaving and left. This morning, he actually talked to me and he was really nice. Too bad I only know what he looks like in the dark. Then, on the first road I turn on to, LR Road, I saw a fox, again. I saw one here yesterday morning, probably same one. It wasn't as pretty as the ones in magic valley but it was still cool to see.

I almost forgot....I saw the train again!!! Same spot as Cora and I saw it the first time but it was 4:25!!! I was so excited!!!!

And then to hear another "Invincible" song, I forgot about that one. And it played on my hippie friend's road <3

"Drive By" played across High Rd

And was immediately followed by "Here"

"Girls Just Want to Have Fun" played as I went down UC Road and I saw a beautiful fox. And damn am I mad. I need some one to come along and video tape this shit. That fox sat there so pretty for me, for about 20 seconds and let me "video" it.....yea, my dumb ass phone didn't work, it still freezes and does stupid crap. I need a new one and I need some help.

I never liked "Party In The U.S.A." until I took a quiz on Myspace. Remember that?? I Loved it. I loved that you could create your own page. I didn't want to give it up and I hated Facebook at first. Now I don't know if I could go without it. HAHA Anyway, the quiz said that the song was my Life Theme Song. So I listen to it and I've learned to Love it.

"I Won't Forget You" played on Lucky Man Road <3

I took this pic in the fire man's yard when I turned around this morning. I've been looking at Venus all summer, every morning. And I think that guy was wrong, I didn't see Mercury this morning and the Moon was below Jupiter. It must have been yesterday morning when it was cloudy. I love that my computer saved this pic as 0420 <3

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