Sad again


I was exhausted this morning, the papers were heavy and I had a new pack of bands that I swear were still hot when they bagged them. They were all stuck and I had such a hard time with them. Of course it had to be on a Sunday. I am not having a good weekend. Despite having my book published, which is awesome, I have no one to celebrate with. My check was just enough to pay my car payment and insurance. Now I have to find gas money for two weeks. And my dreams, ugh, I want to call them nightmares. I've had enough of dreaming about that guy. Yea, more again while I napped today. It makes me so sad. I'm so fucking lonely it's not funny and I can't do much about it. Isn't there some one reading this and enjoying my mind and want to talk to me?? I can't take much more of this being alone and crying all the time.

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