Yea, I spent my morning delivering papers in silence. I scanned the radio a few times but I didn't like what I was hearing. I don't want to believe in it anymore. Look up the Hanged Man in the Tarot cards. He's ruled by Neptune. I see Neptune and Neptune rules Pisces, my heart. Now look up The Wheel of Fortune, the Tower and the World. They are ruled by Jupiter, Mars and Saturn. I'm analyzing them all in my 10th house of public....society, the World. And now Judgement. He is ruled by Pluto. I balance Pluto in my 11th house of reality and friendship. I know that I'm right. I know that I'm here from the future. I know that I have lived this life before, that I have died and so has my twin. I know that I'm here to save us both. I know that is why I'm psychic and believe what I do. It is why I have been succesful and have made it this far. I have two moons, I'm intelligent, I'm not crazy. Look at Einstein, he believed and look at what he's done.

I went to see Alex yesterday. The birds are the first tattoo he has done on me. They were his idea and I asked if he could put the quote with them. He wanted to wait and practice before doing letters. So yesterday, he put the quote on and touched up the birds because they had some white spots. He also touched up the cat and added some black to my garter and scorpion so they pop some more. Not that they weren't already awesome.

So why am I telling you about Alex?? We have been friends for a long time. Last night, was the first we ever talked about sex. He was surprised to learn that I'm not ok with casual sex. I'm telling you because I think this is where the problems started with Home Depot guy. He met Alex at WalMart and he was jealous. Even though I was with and going home with Home Depot, he didn't like my friend. Of course, Alex is hot. But so am I. We can't help it. We are Pisces and Pisces have a glamour that most humans can't resist. It's not our fault and it doesn't mean we are whores. In fact, Pisces have the biggest hearts, we are the most kind, caring and loyal sign out there and we would never sabotage someone's happiness. We want everyone to be happy. So....I tried talking to Home Depot about Alex. I wanted him to know that it was ok and he was not a threat. But HD didn't want to talk about stuff like that. Not cool. Problems don't just go away. You have to talk about them and work them out. Otherwise, it will always be on your mind causing more and more problems.

Anyway....whoever is pushing for Blaine, stop. I know what I want and I'm not going to try when I know that one day, my twin flame will enter my life and I will be with him. I'm not going to fake and try to make it with someone who I know I'm going to hurt. Yea, I know he's hurting now and wants to be with me but I've been there and being together when it's not going to work, that will only hurt more. Yea, it sucks. Yea, I'm horny. I'm 35 and peaking. I want sex, yes, but I want more than just sex. Sex makes me cry. I want Love. I want to be with someone who loves my mind, who enjoys talking to me, who is just as ready as I am to make it work. I can't take care of myself, my kid and this big house on my own anymore. I am ready and I want to be with someone who is ready also.

I've mentioned everything else because I have been dreaming about my Twin Flame my whole life. I've been studying my birth chart for 13 years. I know who I'm looking for and I know that I found him. I came here to save us both. I know that it's no coincidence that he was drawn here when he was at his lowest and needed help. At the same time that I almost died. He hurt my feelings and it saved my life. I know that even though we didn't talk or see each other, that I saved him too. I leave my body when I sleep, I can do lots of things. And I'm done. I give up. I didn't just come here to save us, I came here to show him how much I appreciate it. But he doesn't care, he doesn't feel me, he doesn't believe me and now, he probably thinks I'm crazy. I'm too sad, lonely and sick so until I have surgery, I will be spending most of my time in bed. I don't know how to live when the only reason I have been living doesn't see me, want me and is not with me. The main My Moon page has everything I have learned about my Twin Flame over the years. From my dreams, my birth chart and all my life experiences. I know I'm right because My Universe and My Music tells me so.

Anyone else who wants to help, I would love help getting all that shit off my carport and locked up in my house, away from my greedy uncle. I know that most of my friends are busy and or too sick to help and that's ok, I don't expect them to. But the rest of you, what's your excuse?? You want help, you have to help others. I've been here for you many times, please return the favor.

"The mirrors image, It tells me it's home time, But I'm not finished, 'Cause you're not by my side"

New song I heard today while running errands. Fits perfect

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