I fell asleep crying and wondering what I should do. I want out of this place so bad and there are many signs telling me to head west. But I don't know how to get there. I haven't been shown the way and no one is helping me with getting my stuff in here so I'm not sure that this is the way. This is the worst. I want away from here. All I can think about is why?? Why does this guy think about me and coming here but doesn't do it?? Is he listening to his friend?? I sure hope not cause it's pretty obvious that that friend doesn't know what he's doing either. He could really use some help from some one he listens to, looks up to and believes in. It's obvious that the women up here know the way and are successful. Did you know that when I was cutting hair that I made at least $2500 a month?? For a coporation that kept way more money than I was paid?? That's why I left. I could be making so much more on my own. I am successful and I am a guide. I can show anyone how to be successful. And so can my best friend. So why hasn't this idiot talked to her?? And why is he torturing me?? Can't someone tell him what he is doing is wrong?? If he doesn't want to come here now to be with me then he needs to stop thinking about me.

And what about the fact that he tried talking to me?? To try to explain why he couldn't leave his unhappy marriage. The two talk about ending it all the time. They admit they don't love each other. So why did he stay with her and why the hell did he have to reach out to me to tell me that he was afraid to leave her?? WHY?? He should have just left me alone or left her

I want to hate him. I want to punch him. I want to tell him to go to HELL because he's made My World Hell and is chasing me away from My Home. All he had to do was come over to apologize and read my book about his name. I didn't write it so it's proof that I'm right. I can't think and concentrate on any thing because he is constantly interfering with my thoughts. He really needs to stop this NOW

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