Mindblown....talked about it earlier, they called to schedule. November 3, 18 days. My Earth twin and brother Blaine's other sister's bday. Got that? There are three of them. My blood 'twin' getting removed on my Earth twins real sisters bday, no coincidence. There are none, just like the 3rd will be exactly five months since the day my friend W told me that I should be more bossy with men and I tought he was crazy (still do). Then later that day, I went and sat at a pond where I felt like I had my heart given to me.

October 26, I go for a physical with my cool surgeon. Five months since I posted an ad on Craiglist looking for a man. I deleted the ad the very next day because I received way too many penis pics. SO disgusting.

18 days till Deimos will be removed. Holy fuck. I'm excited and scared. I can't wait to get this damn thing out of me and get ME back. I'm ready to take on the Universe, not just the World. Even though I am nervous about being knocked out, I'm going to do my best to be happy about this. My surgeon is funny and he believes, I trust him. Things are going to be so much better for everyone....18 days

I passed on my blonde, blue eyed "cursed" a blessing. It was made by someone who didn't understand their powers or use them correctly, even though they meant well. I used my paper route to help bless it with my power since my tumor is blocking mine. I did it for my Earth twin and best friend. And after my surgery, I'm sure that she will have luck. I hope I get mine soon

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