I want to start with mentioning some things I forgot yesterday. I took my Earth twin with me yesterday and we both got a trim. I never met the girl who cut my hair but she was at the same station that I used when I was there. She was nice, my cut feels pretty good and what I can see of it, it looks good. She said that I remind her of Samantha Ronson. I had to research her. Love it. She's a Leo and a DJ. Very awesome.

I would also like to say that I do feel all the thoughts and prayers. I know that many of you are thinking of me and wishing good thoughts. I have a Taurus and Gemini Moon. The Moon represents our mind, everyone has a moon sign. Taurus means I Have. I truely feel all your thoughts. Gemini means I Think so I am thinking your thoughts also. But I have a tumor on my ovary, I'm not communicating well. What I need most right now is some physical help. I'm not that strong woman I've always been at this moment. How long have you all been telling me that I'm too skinny and don't look so good?? You were right, I'm not ok and if you think I'm doing just fine on my own because I always have....well sorry but you're an idiot.

This is a big house and I have a messy kid. This tumor is taking my energy and preventing me from eating a lot so I can gain energy. I've gone from sleeping 4- 5 hours a day to any where between 8 and 12 now. And I need those people who said they would be here cause they're not. I believe that post about being the strongest person if my weakness is friendship. My weakness is humans and caring too much. I have chosen some shitty friends in my life. Real shitty. But I do have some really great ones out there. All over the U.S. and here in my Home town. I am very strong and soon, I will have surgery and be back to myself. For those who think of me and pray for me, wishing you could do more but can't, I feel you, I appreciate you and I thank you.

If you're new or you're lost, I make a playlist on Spotify almost every morning with the songs the radio plays for me while I deliver papers. I get beautiful messages because the Universe is talking to me. I believe it's talking to all of us, you just have to believe and pay attention. I called today's list "Uprising." This song makes me think of the movie Wanted and Angelina Jolie. Both awesome. I found this movie thanks to my exSuperman, he had a movie poster in his room when we dated six years ago. Angelina is amazing and gorgeous. I'd love to be her or like her. "Gravity" was new to me and SoundHound says it was released on MY Bday this year. Cool. I like it. It was great to hear my song, "I AM" and the entire song. Plus, Bush, haven't listened to them in awhile and that's the perfect one.

I usually scan and listen to what I like or what my friends like and I'm ok with. If I let their songs play, I get to hear one that I've forgotten about or something new. I have been listening to lots of new lately and finding old goodies. This morning, I had slept till about 1:30am. I woke up still upset, as in my last post. I forgot my phone and had to go back home. Nothing was going on, I had to get gas, stopped at Dunkin....no one was out, I didn't even see the guy delivering my papers. I started my paper route crying and sad. I didn't want to listen to the radio. But then it started raining and I was so fed up. I decided to listen to 88.9, 97.9 and 107.3 only. I love the message I got.

Did you see my post about finding artifacts on Mars?? How about the supposed proof that aliens helped build the pyramids?? I Know they did, it's the only way they could have been done. I will spare you the rest of what I believe, you'd definitely say I was crazy and you wouldn't believe. Just listen to my playlist. Go to my About Me page and click on the Spotify link. You will be able to find all my playlists from there. And while you listen, think about the below pic.....Facebook gave me this just this morning. Every day since I started this website, Facebook gives me more new info and builds up for more and more of what I've Always Believed......

Did you read about Nikola Tesla?? I just bet him and I would have had a lot to talk about. He sounds like he was amazing. Don't you see how corrupt the World is?? We are being lied to and brainwashed by society. Schools, government, corporations, drugs, alcohol. Everything is meant to keep us here and blind to the Truth.

What do you believe in?? Do you believe in God? What does he believe in and want?? Love right? He wants you to be good and do unto others as you would yourself. All the rest just backs up how to be good, doesn't it?? What if you just believed that all you need is Love and followed your heart?? Wouldn't all the good come with the Love?? Why do we need books and rules and obedience? Aren't we suppose to enjoy life and be free?? I Know that my daughter and I are free, are you??

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