I want to call it a nightmare. I was late waking up to do my papers. I was in a different house but yet felt like I was here at my house. So maybe it was really far in the future, after my kitchen is redone. Or maybe I was just hoping it was done. I made myself two cups of coffee to take along and went to leave. I was definitely in this driveway, I greeted three guys outside, Boston, W and I don't know who. I got in a car similar to my moms and the guys got in my car, Boston behind the wheel. Part way through my paper route, my daughter appeared in the car with me and helped me finish delivering papers.

Yea, I want to call it a nightmare. Let someone drive my car?? Never. And my dream dictionary says that to see someone else driving your car means to be careful of a stranger who wants to physically harm me!! UGH definitely a nightmare right??

"Breaking Skin" Nonpoint

So thankful Blaine stopped in and decided to borrow some of my papers, I wish I could use them myself. I'm hoping after surgery. I found information on palm reading about signs of physical health issues. The ovaries are represented on each side of the wrist, under the thumb. Hmm....right where my hands are swollen most and my problems start, causing my fingers and thumbs to not work. So great. I guess this tumor is why my hands haven't worked good for years. I'm so excited to get Me back.

I hope I will be happy alone again. After going through all this, I'm not letting anyone in now. I have a career to build, a daughter to raise and I have to get to know myself without this tumor. All I ever really wanted was to have a family and love. I never iagined having a career and being alone. Yet here I am, at 35, with one kid, many careers and no man. Maybe being psychic and having a tumor hasn't helped. I have never liked talking about my emotions and I do get confused easily. I guess I just have to get to really know myself and learn to accept that I had to do this all on my own. One of these days I will wake up happy and stay that way. Maybe after surgery??

"Here" Alessia Cara

A little late to add but good timing I think

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