"Same Love"


This morning's paper route was pretty boring. I decided to let the radio scan past the love songs I usually like. Again. I'm so glad I did. I was happy to start the evening with "Same Love"....what a great song. Believe in Love, Love is the answer to Life.... are the messages I get from that song. But I still chose to skip most love songs all morning. As I went down the road along the river, where I saw the train twice, I saw a beautiful buck. He just stood there along the road, on the left and I had been playing with SoundHound. My phone wasn't ready for a pic and of course, by the time my phone was ready, the buck did run away. I will get a pic one of these mornings. After I turned around and was coming back down that road, "Old Time Rock and Roll" played. I was so happy. Then a commercial came on so I hit scan and let it go past a bunch of love songs again. So glad....I heard "Old Time Rock and Roll" again.

I got to hear some songs I haven't heard in awhile. "Cooler Than Me", that fits all too well. "Chandelier" "Cryin" and "Brain Stew" all fit so well. As for INXS, maybe it fits, IDK how I feel or what I want right now except some peace of mind and dreams about something other than boys. Some one to talk to and fall asleep with would be nice but I don't see that in my near future. I caught the beginning of that INXS song, I never pass INXS, for some reason, I just love them and that's my favorite one by them.....of course I let it play. Same with "Umbrella" I love Rihanna and I danced with my Jamaican friend at Days Inn to that song. And he is definitely my friend, he comes around here and bugs me often, just to say hi.

I'm still sad. I really wanted my basement fixed this summer. I want a big living room with a huge couch, like my best friend M's. In my basement, next to my pellet stove. But instead, my walls are still bare, not even dry-locked yet and there's a bed with a blonde, blue-eyed boy in it. Not at all what I wanted. Now I'm still stuck in this tiny living room with the small loveseat and no room for guests. Not to mention the upstairs bathroom. Yea, I have a toilet now.....but it's sitting right in the middle of where I want my shower to be. I feel like the Universe doesn't want me to make this house mine. I feel like I'm being forced to say goodbye to my home of 33 years. Yea, I want to go travel but I was hoping this place could be fixed while I'm gone. To make it mine, my dream, my castle. But I just don't see that happening and it really fucking hurts.

"Chandelier" Sia

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