Done with boys


I'm kind of happy. I dreamed about JM again. This time he asked me to marry him, right away!!!

Whoa....slow down buddy. I still don't ever want to marry, even if I did dream about it with you several times. Thankfully my dream book says it means I will have good luck for a month and that some one will come into my life who does think we should be together forever. Some one who reminds me of JM. The book also says that JM might actually be ready to marry someone....good luck man. And the book says that since he's my ex, I should make sure that I expose myself to any events happening in order to take advantage of some major opportunities. I'm not so freaked out.

Facebook is telling me it's the bday of a guy I let tattoo me back in February and March. He was practicing and didn't do so well. He had a girlfriend but still hit on me. Then tried telling people I hit on him. Eww.....gross, he's so not good enough for me, I would never go there. Plus, he's a Libra. What's the first word I think about Libra's?? LAZY. IF you know me, I don't tolerate laziness, I don't flirt with guys who I know are taken nor do I waste my time on some one who can't give me what I want. He did like me so much that he sent me pics of the tattoos he was doing. Yea, I saw Boston's rose tattoo, the one he got at the same time I got this:

Coincidence that 'believe' didn't take?? Nope....cause Boston doesn't believe, remember?? I don't remember much about his rose though. And I'm pretty sure it's still in my messages but I'm still not looking at Boston. He broke my heart.

"Scars" Papa Roach

Anyway, I'm mentioning it because he's Boston's cousin. And the cousin's name is the same name of the guy I use to drive around in Sunbury and Selinsgrove, 15 years ago. Well, the name I was given, I never knew his real name, he was wanted. But he did look similiar to this Libra so maybe it really was his name. I got pulled over twice in one night, for a missing headlight. And you know what, I had the guy with me twice that night but never when I got pulled over. Cause yea, I'm lucky. I want to talk about that guy because he was great to me. He saw what I had to offer, he gave me whatever I wanted and needed as long as I drove him wherever he needed to go. And not once did that guy ever say or do anything inappropriate towards me. Oh no....he treated me like the Angel I am. Yea, he was just like Boston use to be towards me. And when that guy and all his friends got busted, guess what, this girl was nowhere around and never even got questioned. I wasn't around because the guy I was dating, EC, he didn't like me anymore so I walked away from them all.

"Fallen Angel" Poison

Let's not forget, the day Boston ripped my heart to shreds, him and W told me that I should come talk to a man. I'm pretty sure that they meant them. But I don't see men in them, I see lost little boys who refuse to listen and take advice from their elders. So I told them off and haven't gone back there either, yea, I walked away again. And I went to see Alex. My tattoo Man. And he has been giving me some really fucking awesome tattoos; while being my friend AND asking me for advice on Life and relationships. Yea, even tho he was away for 7 years, he's still a Man and doing really awesome.

"Outside" Aaron Lewis and Fred Durst

How about that shit?!?! SO......who's the FOOL??

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