Sex 2


Sorry guys but I'm spilling my secrets. Don't worry, I'm not giving names, no one has to know which category you fall into. Silence is golden.

Most of my partners had problems. They either couldn't get it up, couldn't keep it up, they had premature ejaculation or they took something to keep them hard. Guess I can't blame them, I'm pretty hot, if I were a guy, I probably wouldn't know what to do either. And yea, it's really frustrating for me because most of them were getting dressed, walking out the door or passing out, leaving me hanging. Pretty shitty, huh??

But I'm ok with it. I feel like it's because we didn't belong together. And more importantly, I've learned who is worth wasting my time on and who isn't. So yea, five months without, I'm totally ok with it. I haven't been satisfied by a man in years anyway so I can wait. And I just answered one of the questions I've been asking. As much as I'm hurting and as many times as I've had my heart broken, how will it ever be worth the wait?? Well I guess it's because I will eventually get the great sex I've always dreamed about while also being Loved

11 days till I lose this tumor and I can stop letting my emotions get in the way of finding my man. It's getting rough, I think this thing was found just in time, I'm getting pretty sick and I can't wait to be healthy again

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