Soul Mates


I believe animals can be our soul mates. When I met the dog Max, it was love at first sight. We knew we belonged together. I'm pretty sure that's why I feel like Boston is around. He left his dog next door where he's tied and howls all day long. One of the reasons I sleep all day. It breaks my heart. I know it's why I've been unsuccessful at finding a dog, Max is mine. He is from New York, my devils home town. He should be here, making me happy and making me feel better. I would take him for walks and rides, he would never be tied up. He knows it and he cries all day while I cry all night. We are forced to look at each other across the road but we are not allowed to be together. And yea, Boston knew I wanted a dog, I reminded him the day he ripped my heart apart. But he's too selfish to care about anyone else, he thinks he will be back to take care of his own dog. And he made sure to keep Max away from me. Yea, I can't stand that boy, I'm so glad I walked away. It's really fucking killing me right now. I don't know how I'm going to make it. Every day is hard. I feel like my heart is going to give up. But I know it can't. Some one is looking for it and some one will make it better, I just have to find the strength to make it and keep the boys away. I hope they read this and get that drama away from me. I'm too sick for this immature bullshit, I want to fucking live

The pic I posted on Facebook the night I met Max

I would also like to mention another soul mate of mine, JP. A guy who was a dealer his whole life. Yea, he had some real jobs here and there but dealing was his thing. He was really good at it. I don't know the details but he got busted once. He had a lot but was able to get out of the charges. Of course the cops caught on to who he was and they didn't forget. One day he showed up here looking for a cut and some advice. He told me that he had $17,000 and no drugs. He was ready to go to California where pot was becoming legal. I told him that it was a great idea, he doesn't have kids, too many people know him, even the cops and he should go. Well, he left this mountain and went and spent all that money. He had a trunk full of whatever you wanted.

And guess what?? A few days later, he rolled through a stop sign and has been sitting in jail for four years. And he's looking at another four. Yea, we write, he's the reason I shared the 36 questions on falling in love. His girlfriend is wating for him and they want to stay in love.

And every now and then, he comments on how foolish he was to not listen to me. He did come asking for advice but he didn't listen.

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